The Waltz, Steps, Techniques, and Styles

Monday, December 13, 2004

Waltz Dance Notes Ithaca: Introduction / Timing.

The Waltz is 3/4 timing which has a noticable down beat for the ONE beat.

This is where it all sarts, and it is simple as that. Moreover, and foremost " dance is the continuation of the change of weight to the beat of the music. " Once you have the down beat, if you have the ability to focus with excellent skills, you just may figure the whole dance out.

Nontetheless, it is time saving for most to take dance lessons. However, this does not detract how simplistic dance really is.

Mr. Christian - Dance Master ( Mastership may be a miss-nomer too! )

P.S. You may quote me for this..." The critical difference between a dancer and a dance teacher is HUMILITY. "


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